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club “JEEP”

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Durrah Luxury Magazine.

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RB gets into “My Wish List” in Durrah magazine

It says …….

The South Korean Design House, Ducobi, has
launched a distinctive range of collectible toys
called the Artisan Range. Symbolizing 1000 years of
mother-of-pearl craft history and Ducobi’s renowned
design expertise, these six characters feature a
mother-of-pearl inlay and will make a unique gift or
keepsake. The art of inlaying a piece of pearl onto a
curved surface is an extremely delicate technique,
which has been perfectly mastered to create these
oriental masterpieces. Each beautiful toy has a
personality that symbolizes a facet of life, such as
success, beauty, health and strength, which provides
a personal touch to this rare collection.

Ducobi in Russian Magazine “Art of Use”

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Magazine “Art of Use”